After antibiotics, rehab your gut health with these tips

by | Dec 8, 2020 | Nutritional Pillar, Structural Pillar

Healing your gut after antibiotics can take up to a year! Hear my tips for speeding up the process and regaining your gut health.


Hello, hello.

We are going to talk about rehabbing your gut health after antibiotics.

It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter how old you are. This is just easy steps that you can do to make this better. Because what research is showing, if not handled properly, it can actually take a year for your gut to bounce back after one round of antibiotics. And we do not want to take that long for your body to heal.

So, these are going to be action steps that you can do for yourself, for your children, for your spouse, for your loved ones. It doesn’t matter how old. We can take advantage of these.

Swap out your probiotics

Step one is we need to evaluate what antibiotic they were on so that we know what probiotic will best serve them. And we’re going to give you a link to make that really easy to do. So when we look at probiotics, what I always tell my patients is number one, you’ve got to remember there are thousands, and thousands, and thousands of bacteria in your gut that is good. And when we get on probiotics, that’s 5, or 6, or maybe ten different strains. And we’ve got to mix those up.

You can’t just stay on the same probiotic for years. Because what we end up doing is now we’re only feeding a small amount, so we’ll create gut dysbiosis by doing that. So, one of the first things is making sure that maybe we’ll do a month of one set of probiotics. And then we mix up the strains, and we do another one. And then we do another one. So, we do about 90 days of different probiotics that have different strains in them.

Eat fermented foods

But honestly, one of the best things to do is fermented foods, kimchi, kombucha, which are very low in sugars. Pickles, especially the sour pickles, pickle juice, and apple cider vinegar. And these are things that can even be fed to small children. Just like the pickle juice, you can just get an eyedropper and put it in. You can mix it in with different foods.

I always encourage organic pickles to be fed to toddlers to really increase that fermentation for their gut. And there’s something like a billion different probiotics when we have the fermented foods, something that we just can’t bottle and put into our systems.

Making your own kimchi

And there are kimchis that you can make. I remember my sister and I, we made kimchi. And it actually lasted for almost three years. It was insane. I had to buy a refrigerator for the garage because it stunk so bad. But it was the absolutely most delightful fermented food that lasts forever. So we’re going to give you a link to a recipe that you don’t make too much. You make it appropriate for your household.

But above all, just take the initiative to rehab your gut because the healthier that is, the healthier you are. Talk to you soon.

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