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Emotional and Financial Mastery

Have you ever felt like you’re struggling to balance your health and family while simultaneously navigating the financial maze? Are you stuck in a cycle of self-doubt, emotional exhaustion, and unmet financial goals? We’ve got something for you that can change that: The Emotional and Financial Mastery Mastermind.

Why A Dr. Jessica Mastermind

Dr. Jessica is a highly successful women entrepreneur who has made it our life’s work to empower humans like you. She is a Chiropractor, Bio-hacker, Wellness Expert, International Wellness Speaker, and Trauma Release Specialist. She is one of the most sought-after alternative healthcare practitioners in the United States. Dr. Jessica has launched several successful businesses, brick and mortar, online, coaching, and teaching. She has coached several top-level executives in multiple branches of industry to obtain multi-million-dollar contracts as well a numerous business start ups.

She knows there are unique challenges, emotionally and financially, that pop up when you are on the path of growth. and we’ve designed an all-encompassing mastermind experience tailored exclusively to your needs to go to your next level in life.

What You Will Gain
  • Emotional Mastery: Learn proven techniques to harness your emotions to fuel your success, not hinder it.
  • Financial Freedom: Take control of your financial destiny with tailored plans and strategies to shatter your revenue goals.
  • Community Support: Network with like-minded humans committed to uplifting each other.
  • Accountability: Weekly check-ins to keep you focused and on track.
  • Exclusive Resources: Access tools to fast-track your emotional and financial growth.

Your Investment
  • Duration: 12-month intensive program
  • Extensive Questionnaire: Where you are and where do you want to go
  • 1 hour Intensives Quarterly: With Dr. Jessica via Video Chat
  • Monthly Calls: Video Chat on the second Wednesday of each month
  • Weekly Texts: Ability to text in with questions to help you stay on track
  • Access to multiple tools Dr. Jessica has created for business and life
  • Meetups: 2 in-person weekend events. May 16th – 18th and September 20th – 22nd. (You can join us for just the retreats)
  • Investment: $15,000. Payment Plans are available.
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