Birth Control Part I: Why teens go on the pill and what they can do instead

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There are better alternatives than standard birth control options, even for teens fighting cramps and acne! Hear my tips for getting healthy and avoiding this unnecessary hormone disaster.

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“The Pill”
90 Days to Clean Eating Course

Hello, hello.

Women, we’re going to talk about the pill. And we’re going to talk about the problems of the pill. And we’re also going to talk about some alternatives to the pill. So, when you are young, and you get cramps, and they’re unbearable, the number one thing you need to know is it’s probably the tampon.

Cotton in America is one of the largest roundup products in the world. So, when we have a chemical that is applied to the cotton, and then put it in our most absorbent spot, our body starts to reject it. And that’s the cramping. It’s trying to push that out.

Cramps and Acne

So number one, I can’t tell you how many times I see cramps disappear in my patients just because they switched to organic tampons, a diva cup, or one of the new ones that have come out (pads). There are so many great alternatives to cramping and tampons that we have right now that I just didn’t have growing up.

Then that’s the number one reason why our teenagers go on it (because of cramping), right?

Then the number two is actually acne. What we need to see change is that diet. Wheat is the number one thing that I find breaks women out. So getting rid of the wheat, getting rid of the sugar, and you find the complexions get so much better.

The Effects of the Pill

Then we got to talk about the obvious. It’s the birth control. And before I get into that, I want to go back to the original researchers that balanced and gave us their initial research on estrogen and progesterone. And estrogen is a hormone of shock and stress. And it needs to be in low amounts, and progesterone needs to be very high in comparison.

And so when we give women a pill that is estrogen-based, we actually force their body, their brain, into the stress response. So, what does that lead to? That leads to grumpiness. That leads to irritability. That leads to mood swings. That leads to depression. That leads to so many disturbances in the emotional field because the body is literally primed for danger all the time.

Brain Chemistry Changes

The other very interesting fact that came out – from the book called The Pill, which is a very good book from Australia, but you can still get it on Amazon. This book showed that women who were on the pill, when they met their spouse, actually picked the wrong partner. And the reason why is because it changed your brain wave. So who you were attracted to changed.

So now you decide to have a family. You get off the pill. You get pregnant. And lo and behold, you roll over one day, and you’re like, who are you? You’re no longer attracted to them. You no longer like them. There are some real big problems.

And so this book actually references some of the divorce rates might simply be because you picked the wrong person when your brain was chemically altered with the pill. So, I invite you to read that book. I invite you to dig deeper. And we’re going to talk about alternatives very, very soon.

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