Poison Ivy

by | Apr 24, 2023 | Environmental Pillar

What Can You Do for Poison Ivy?

And do you know what food to be aware of if you have had multiple exposures?
As we approach the season to spend more time outside in lush and overgrown areas, knowing how your body may react to getting into certain plants is essential.
Poison ivy, a non-edible plant commonly known for leaving its victims itchy and irritated, is actually from the same plant family as cashews, pistachios, and mangos. Cashews are so closely related you will never see them in the shell, as they would cause the same breakout as the plant! If you don’t seem to be healing quickly from your rash OR have had previous exposure to Poison Ivy but now have scaly, itchy, burning skin (just occasionally) or weird gut issues, try eliminating cashews, pistachios, and mango for six weeks and see if it helps! Odd, I know, but I can’t tell you how often I’ve had patients need this information!
But back to Poison Ivy!
Loving the outdoors as I do, I have learned some simple measures for reducing my exposure and subsequent rashes, and no, it doesn’t involve slimy, pink-goop junk!!
Here’s what you can do:
🌿 Cleanse the skin: You have an 8-hour window to cleanse the affected area with clean soap, water, and a washcloth. Do not forget the washcloth! The friction helps break down the oils on the skin, which can help reduce the severity of the rash or eliminate it!
If you missed your window and now you have broken out, you can try the following:
🌿 Apply cool compresses: Cool compresses or soaking the affected area in cool water can help relieve itching and inflammation. We love adding Purification to reduce itching and inflammation.
🌿 Soak brown paper bags in apple cider vinegar and apply. This will help pull the irritation out and dries the rash quickly.
🌿 Rely on natural, topical supports: Calendula, witch hazel, and aloe vera are all known for their soothing and healing properties. We also love the LavaDerm Spray to calm and heal.
🌿 Boost the immune system: Supporting the immune system can help to reduce the severity of the allergic reaction. This can be done by eating a healthy diet rich in nutrients, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress. We love Calcium Lactate and Antronex to support the body specifically for this situation. Pro tip get the Calcium Lactate Powder and sprinkle it on the rash, then cover it with the brown paper bag soaked in apple cider vinegar! This will cut the pain and itch fast while healing your skin!

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