by | Oct 10, 2022 | Emotional Pillar

New Year’s Resolutions! Why in the world would I start talking about this in October? It takes over 66 days to cement a routine into your life fully. On average, roughly 90% of New Year’s resolutions fail. And when discussing big resolutions such as New Year’s, the more foundation you have, the better.

What do I do? Around October, I start taking an inventory of my life and business, looking back over the past year and what worked and didn’t. What areas of my life do I feel like I can improve? I typically do this with my husband and all my kids. Why my kids? Two reasons, I want them to learn this system; secondly, they have great insight into what they see me do, act, and feel. As a mom, I like to integrate their thoughts into my life as much as I ask them to incorporate my thoughts into theirs. They feel heard and valued and excitedly bring much to the table during this exercise.

When you dive into ideas that you maybe didn’t think through or don’t align with what you need, your goals or success in achieving them can be a tad off-kilter. Many of the new year’s failures are due to unrealistic goals without proper foundation or reasoning or no emotional tag in achieving them. And no one wants to stress how you will start your new year during the holidays, so I recommend starting this project a little bit ahead of time.

The following key to success is to all this is to PUT IT ON PAPER! Physically writing all out helps your brain create reality behind your goals.

A vision board is a great way to get your family involved with planning your new year goals and dreams. Collect as many newspapers and magazines as possible, or print out photos and create a collage of your barbie dream house life. You can draw this all out with stick figures if needed! My favorite dream board ever has no words, just all drawings!

I’ve done this for three months, six months, the following year, and five and ten years out! The key to this being successful is to make sure you hang it up somewhere you all can look at it every day and create attainable steps for how to execute these goals. Starting now, begin to lay out all the goals you have for yourself for the next year, build your dream board, and go ahead and get started on reaching those!

Do you need a blueprint or support to make a lifestyle change? Not sure where to start or need to find clarity and vision? I create the Life Dream Today course for those who want step-by-step assistance in knowing what areas of their life to look at and how to evaluate them. This course has evaluations, coaches, homework, and breath work; you’ll deeply dive into your relationships, job, home life, and nine other subjects. It’s perfect to begin now so that 2023 is the year to keep you healthy and accountable for all your goals.

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