Rewriting Your Story

by | Sep 22, 2021 | Emotional Pillar

Hello, hello!

Welcome to week three of our Mental Health Awareness month series as explained by my Four Pillars of Health. Today I want to talk to you about emotions.

Over this past decade, I have really dived deep into this. When I look at what is causing most of our health issues, I have found that it is unresolved childhood and early adult trauma.

We are finding talk therapy is good to get out the initial issue, but there needs to be more to heal and solve that issue in the brain.

One coping mechanism to trauma is to disassociate. While this is an excellent survival skill, it becomes problematic when a person continues to stay in that state. To help center yourself back into your body, I will encourage you to start practicing meditation or yoga. Now before you shoot the 1,000 reasons why you can’t with “I never focus or finish doing any of this” as your beginning line, remember that you survived the trauma by disconnecting from yourself, so connecting back in can be extremely uncomfortable, because you may feel and that hurts. Yet to heal, you have to deal with the trauma. And the first step in that will always be learning how to be comfortable solidly in your body.

One thing I did myself that really helped to heal was I wrote a timeline of my life, from conception on as I knew it. I wrote this all as a third person watching in. I wasn’t looking at it as a young me or current me, but I was looking at it as a director of my life movie.

Then I looked at it all and listed out the stories about me and my life that I had adopted over my lifetime. Then I wrote down what I personally wanted to accomplish over this lifetime. Did those stories align? Those that didn’t I worked on changing, which means I had to change the story I was telling myself about my life.

I can share one. I moved a lot – almost 20 schools in 12 years. I had a lot of trauma around that and a lot of really nasty stories. Yet, I love to travel, I love to meet new people, and my trauma around moving was interfering with that. So I decided to write 100 gifts that moving around that much gave me. The story I now recite is I can pop into any city, anywhere, know where I am, and make a friend. It’s this magical trait that I have, that I would have never received any other way.

I invite you to examine the trauma and the story. Can you turn it in a positive way? Then concentrate on what you can become and the strength and the beauty of what you are.

I hope this helps. I love walking women through this. I am here for you.

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