Summer the Natural Way

by | May 31, 2019 | Environmental Pillar

What does summer look like when it’s toxin-free? A whole lot of healthy fun!
Here are some of the products I mentioned in this video!
Young Living Mineral Sunscreen
Badger Sunscreen
Badger Brand Sunscreen


Today, we’re going to talk about summer, which I can’t wait for. It is one of my favorite seasons. There’s so much fun behind summer. You can relax. You got kids. You get to plan differently. It’s family time. So, summer’s fun.

What a lot of people think about summer is sunscreen, and there is so much in the news right now talking about how sunscreen has a tremendous amount of chemicals. And now, we have research backing up that, yes, those chemicals get into our bloodstream. Once they’re there, we don’t know how long it takes to get rid of them.

What we know is the body wasn’t designed to handle so many chemicals, so one of the things that we can do for the summertime months is to think about summer a little bit differently.

Sun Exposure

We want to make sure that you are getting appropriate amounts of sun. We want to make sure that, when you are in situations, like the beach or baseball games (where it’s 22 hours of deep boring sun on a parking lot or something crazy like that), you are using proper sun protection. The worst thing you can do for your skin is burn it.

And so those are going to be things that I want you to develop a different relationship with. Let’s talk about how to develop a different relationship with things that are both toxic, and things that are much needed.

We do need the sun. It elevates mood. It actually helps repair our DNA. It helps to produce our hormones.

So being out in the sun is a beautiful thing. Number one, look for nontoxic sunscreen. I use Young Loving sunscreen, but in a pinch, when I’ve forgotten it, I’ve gone to the store and bought Badger’s. I love both companies equally well.

Good Fats

We also want to make sure that we incorporate good fats back into the diet, and that’s a whole other conversation about fats in the food, is there are good fats, and there are bad fats.

We need lots of good fats. That’s going to be coconut oil, avocados, nuts. Getting good fatty meats that are clean (organic meats). Knowing your local farmer so you really truly know what you’re getting, and not paying a small fortune for the meat that you’re feeding your family. But we also want to look at the fact that we are designed to tan. We are designed to darken during summer months.

And in fact, when you go out, and you go from white to dark, what happens is your skin is actually developing a method of not allowing so much vitamin D into it. So your body recognizes, time to stop, and we develop darker skin so that we absorb less D from the sun. So, this is actually really super healthy for our bodies to get appropriate sun, and not burning.

Other Tips

You can use all sorts of protection mechanisms, as long as they’re clean. But another favorite is only going out in the early morning and only going out in the late afternoon, so that you can develop a tan. Also, using light cotton clothes or some of these new sun-protective clothes is also a fabulous choice for when you have to be out during the heat of it.

And above all, a hat does great. So love me some hats. So, develop a new relationship with the sun this summer. Learn to fall back in love. It’s a much-needed part of our human health. And it’s been around for a while, and I think it’s going to be around for a little bit more, so let’s just start developing a healthy relationship with it.

Talk to you guys soon. Bye-bye.

DIY After Sun-Spray 

Aloe Concentrate
Distilled water
3 Drops each of Lavender & Copaiba essential oils
2 Drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
Small Spray Bottle

Mix equal parts aloe concentrate and distilled water in the spray bottle. Add essential oils. Shake well and apply on tender skin.


DIY After Sun Balm

Unrefined coconut oil
3 Drops each of Lavender and Copaiba essential oil
2 Drops of Peppermint essential oils

Mix together and rub on tender skin


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