Understanding How Frequencies Affect Your Life

by | Feb 28, 2022 | Emotional Pillar

“Frequency” is a buzzword you’ve probably heard and may be wondering what it’s all about. The type of frequency I’m referring to is our human frequency, not radio frequency. The human body requires about 70 megahertz to function—to get up, move around, chew gum, etc… That is our baseline frequency, but we have variation based on mood, thoughts, emotions, environmental factors, and what we are putting in our bodies. We even tend to gravitate towards people that share the same frequency that we do.

Frequency in humans is actually being measured now. HeartMath.com is an organization that has been conducting research for over 25 years and actually shows that the heart is one of the first organs that picks up our human frequency. It turns out we can “follow our hearts” after all, ideally when we are in tune with our desired frequency.

Have you noticed how you either like or dislike people right away? Or how you find yourself talking with someone at a party, discover you have so much in common, and think, “Wow! This is so weird!” Your heart is constantly picking up on other people’s frequencies while communicating your own frequency. If you do not resonate with someone, it’s likely for the very good reason that your frequencies are not aligned. In the same way, when your heart feels another heart that is more in sync with it, it signals to your brain, “Yes! We like this one! More of this!”

With this understanding, we are invited to explore the possibilities of how we can impact (and raise) our own frequencies and what frequencies in others we are attracting. Have you ever found yourself in a cyclical pattern with yourself and the people you’re spending time with that feels stagnant and stale? Could it be that you’ve dipped into a lower frequency with those around you? So what can you do to change this?? First off, be mindful of your own frequency and its implications. If you now know that 70 megahertz is what is required every day to function, then concentrate on what you can do to raise this frequency in yourself! One of the fastest ways that I’ve discovered to do this is to change what you are eating then change where you are spending your time. Let’s explore this further.

A good, organic green salad has over 200 megahertz of energy in it. McDonald’s has less than 10. If we want to change our frequency, we need to pay attention to what we put in our bodies. We can start giving our bodies a better source of energy. A salad is going to give us our daily needs plus some, while McDonald’s steals from us leaving us with an energy deficit which can affect moods.

What we’ve discovered is that our moods require different levels of energy. Depression, frustration, and discontentment are all low energy or low-frequency emotions. If we can step up just one rung on the ladder from depression to anger, we can keep climbing and raising our frequency. Climbing from depression straight to happiness is often an unreasonable expectation and can actually lead to overwhelm, another low-frequency emotion. But if we can just take one step from depression to anger, we can keep edging towards the frequency we desire and can soon find ourselves at higher frequencies like forgiveness, peace, and joy.

Aside from eating nourishing foods and paying attention to whom we are spending time with, simply getting in nature is another one of the quickest, most effective ways to raise our frequency. The frequencies of the earth, trees, sun, natural bodies of water, flowers, and our bodies resonate together very well. This is one of the reasons we feel better after we’ve spent time outside.

Isn’t it exciting that we can influence our own frequency and the frequency we bring into the world? I challenge you to try these simple steps for at least 30 days and report back on how you feel.


  1. Eat organic foods.
  2. Pay attention to the people you’re spending time with and if you feel in sync or not.
  3. Get outside every day for at least 30 minutes.

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