Did you know not all Chiropractors are the Same?

by | Apr 20, 2020 | Structural Pillar

Chiropractors have specialty focuses, just like other medical doctors. I’ll tell you about the different kinds and questions to ask when you’re looking for a specialist!

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Hello, hello. Today, we’re going to talk about chiropractors and chiropractic care. And this is a profession that I absolutely adore, absolutely love. Obviously, I’ve been doing it for 25 years, so I’m pretty passionate about it.

One of the first misconceptions that I want to clear up is that we have specialties, just like medicine has specialties. We have geriatric doctors, workman’s comp doctors, pain management doctors, pediatric doctors, and wellness doctors. You have to interview and find the doctor that works best for your goals. Because if you’re sitting here going, man, I want a pediatric doctor for my child, and we want to be adjusted every week because optimal health is what our goal is. You don’t want to go to a workman’s comp doctor who’s going to be done with you in five visits and kind of look at you a little crazy.

And I’ve had so many patients who have gone and looked and had different experiences and don’t know why. Well, there you go. That’s why. So in my particular case, I’m kind of a family doc. I love being in the hospital. I’ve been at so many births. Literally, mom and dad get the baby, and then I’m next in line. And I get to adjust that baby. The adjustment is so different than when you adjust an adult. And then lots of times, they just take a deep breath in, they relax. Many times, they’re sleeping and I keep them asleep. And then what we see is these children grow up with far less ear infections (if ever), far less colic, when they’re adjusted regularly from birth.

And then, of course, we get into the teenage years, we’ve got a lot of sports. If you are very active in sports, then you want to find a doc that knows how to accompany you down that path. And then as we get older, and pregnant, now we’re ready to have babies. Again, a doc that can support that system and knows how to adjust a pregnant woman is just one of the best team members you can have for your birth plan. Because if that pelvis is twisted, guess what, we only have one exit out, we don’t want it to look like that, right? That’s going to be a long, painful birth, and you’re going to wish I was there. I’m just going to let you know.

So that’s the biggest part about chiropractic. Please interview them. Please ask them, what is your favorite type of patient to take care of? And if their staff member can’t answer that for you, ask to make an appointment to talk to the doctor and interview them. I promise you; you won’t regret it. Chiropractic care: you just gotta go find the right one.

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