It’s never too late to keep our kids’ immune systems boosted. Check out my top tips for keeping kids healthy year-round.

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Effectiveness of Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Hello, hello. Today, we’re going to talk about your kids and some of the things that you can start incorporating today to make a difference with their health, with their life, and with their emotions.

Chiropractic Care

First and foremost, I’m going to tell you to find yourself a chiropractor that loves to take care of families. Because the chiropractic adjustment helps to keep them in alignment, which keeps their mood stable, helps them to sleep better, helps them to poop. It helps them to grow strong. It increases their immunity. So, if there’s one thing you can do regardless of whether it’s once a month or once a week, just do it with some regularity. Find yourself a great family chiropractor. If you need help, contact me.


Number two, really look at the foods that you’re bringing home. And when we start to look at the sugars (both the hidden sugars and the obvious sugars), what I find is most kids are getting way too much. We need to really bring their sugars down below 25 grams a day. This is fruit; this is juices; this is everything they eat.

What we need to increase is their fats and their proteins. And again, vegetables are very, very high in protein. So, when I say protein, don’t always think meat. Remember that their tummies are tiny so it’s going to fill up fast and then they’re going to be hungry again. Many times, I see mood swings with these kids as simply ae withdrawal of sugar, and they need to have the fat and the protein. So be able to give them that very quickly.


Then we want to make sure that they’re getting outside and they’re getting outside without sunscreen. We can do hats. We can do clothing. We want to make sure that the sun is touching them. Maybe early in the morning, maybe later in the afternoons, and we skip those hot times, especially in the south that can burn your child. But they need to have that vitamin D to grow and to nourish themselves. That’s a great supplement. Also, knowing what your child’s vitamin D levels are and knowing how to supplement appropriately is very important. Make sure that that supplement doesn’t have added sugars, added colors, added ingredients.


Then there’s the last thing, all the gunk that we’re putting on them. Lotions, body washes, bubble soaps can be filled with toxins. What are you washing their clothes with? What are you using as diaper cream? What are you using as baby lotion? What are you spraying the rooms with? What are you cleaning the rooms with?

If you’re putting scrubbing bubbles in the bathtub, and then you’re filling the tub up. Then you’re putting your kid in them; that child is absorbing all those chemicals into the system, which can cause skin reactions. It can cause mood behaviors. It can cause some growth issues as well.

Looking at the environmental component of your house, including laundry, including stinky sticks (deodorant). I hate the stinky sticks. Then looking at your foods. And then the next thing is really– I tell all of my people. I’ve got older children, and I’ve got younger children. There are 12-age years between my oldest and my youngest, and I feel like I kind of got grandkids with my younger ones, and my oldest will tell you that I spoil them rotten. And I tell them the difference is I’ve figured out what was important.

And when I was in my 20s, I didn’t know what was important. I listened to everybody else and I forgot to listen to the kid. And with my younger ones, I’ve listened to my kid, and I know what their heart means for importance. Reach out to your kids. Play with your kids. Enjoy your kids. They’re such beautiful gifts. Talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

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