The Environmental Pillar and Fitness

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Environmental Pillar

What surrounds our bodies while we exercise can be just as important as the exercise itself. In this video my daughter Marissa and I consider all the environmental factors that could be making your fitness routine a bust.

Links and recipes mentioned in this video:

Yoga mats: Lole Life

Rehydration Drink clickable/printable
Electrolyte Beverage Recipe. Click the image to print!
Great for cleaning a yoga mat or gym bag.
Purification + distilled water + spray bottle = gym bag deodorizer (or deoderize yourself)!

What other pillars should be considered in our fitness goals? All of them! Click the image to see more.

structural pillar and fitness
Nutritional Pillar and Fitness
Emotion Pillar and Fitness

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