Hello, hello!

Are you crazy half the month? Are you blaming it all on emotions? What about that time of the month, are you or others claiming “the crazy”? There are so many words like hormones that keep getting thrown around and then used to justify our bad moods and less than healthy behaviors. Today we’re covering just this.

Hormones are simply a signaling system that sends messages throughout the body and we all have them. All men and women. Think of hormones as the best choreographed ballet dance you’ve ever seen and then suddenly country line dancing breaks in. It’s just all wrong. We’ve been told just slap another hormone drug on it to fix it, but that would be like sending in break dancers to clean up the ballet and country dance fiasco.

What if I taught you what it all really meant, the moods, the cravings, the pain, the mysterious havoc creating hormones, how they are created and how to balance them? I’ve taught doctors for years how to teach their patients and now I want to teach you. My three-hour course (yes, I said three hours) walks you step-by-step through each of the hormones and how to take charge of them. It’s time for you to take a moment to learn about you so we can start healing and stop this nonsense of blaming our hormones. I have the solutions. It will only take you 3 hours out of the 8640 hours this year to learn!  YOU GOT THIS!

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