How to Fight Toddler Ear Infections the Natural Way

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Nutritional Pillar, Structural Pillar

Battling what seems like constant ear infections in your toddler? I’ve got options you can try to get the healing started!

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Hello, hello!

All right, today, these toddlers, their ears, ugh, ear infections. They get to you, don’t they? So, let’s talk about some reasons why kids run ear infections.

Review Diet

Number one, they’re pulling a milk allergy. So maybe they’re formula-fed, maybe they’re breastfed, maybe you haven’t been told that Mama, if you eat milk and cheese, that’s going to transfer to the kid. Maybe we need to look at some alternatives to their formula that are not milk-based but also not soy-based. Those are going to be the two big things that I see causing ear infections with children, is their dietary aspects.

Structure Matters

Have they been adjusted? Did you know that very first bone underneath their skull actually can rotate and twist. It can block the drainage, it can block the nerve communication, and so all of a sudden, we get an infection? So, a lot of times, adjusting your toddlers and your newborn babies, I’ve been there in the hospital room with babies coming out and adjusted them. So very safe, very easy technique to help relieve the pressure and the pain of ear infections.

Other Tips

Then we could also look at doing colloidal silver. If we’re to the point where we’ve made the dietary changes, we’re getting them adjusted. But maybe they’re teething at the same time, so that nerve root that comes in for the ears is also the same nerve root for all those teeth, and so it’s all irritated. Colloidal silver helps to knock it out. Hydrogen peroxide (on a daily basis) helps to knock that out. You can also make your own garlic oil. There are several companies (Mothering Herbs is another one) that make garlic oil that you can put in (the ear). It’s a combination of garlic and olive oil, and that’s a wonderful natural product that helps strengthen and boost those ears and helps that little one to fight this infection that’s in there.


Let’s say you’ve done it all, and this is just a video that says, hey, has anybody mentioned that these things can help? Can we try these first? Let’s say you’ve done it all. Or maybe you didn’t know, and you’ve already gone on the antibiotic route. We’re going to need to rehab that gut and we’re going to need to strengthen that immune system so that they don’t fall susceptible to a secondary and tertiary infection. And that’s what we see happen as these kids just bounce and run again and again and again.

So, stay tuned for the next video because we’re going to get in detail of how we can heal this gut after antibiotic use.

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