Hello, hello! The school year is winding down and many people are being met with the struggle of test taking. Over the years, I’ve compiled a quick and easy-to-follow list. And remember it doesn’t matter how old you are… these are great tips for even jobs!


Before we dive into our list, I want to remind you that the worst thing you can possibly do is lose sleep and cram it all in at once! The loss of sleep actually increases the brains forgetfulness and sets you up for failure before you even get to the test. So, preparation for any type of test needs to take place weeks in advance because the brain loves patterns. Below you will find a quick list of tips to help you and your kiddos along the way!
1.     Create a bedtime ritual. Make sure you’re going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time every morning.
2.     Put the electronics down. Electronics actually stimulate the brain and trick you into thinking its daytime.
3.     Drink tea and take a bath. Lavender and chamomile are my absolute favorites to enjoy in a nice hot bath!
4.     Ditch the sugar! High amounts of sugar actually disrupt sleep. Check your dinner and make sure it is high in fats.
5.     Create a rhythm. If the test is online, study online. If it’s pen and paper, study pen and paper. If you’re taking it sitting up, don’t study laying down.  Your body remembers patterns so created these in advance.
6.     Apply essential oils! Orange, rosemary and cedarwood are my favorite for test taking. Apply the oils while studying and apply them again while test taking. When you recognize this familiar scent, your brain will go back to review what you were studying.
Try these out and let me know how they work for you on your next test!

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