Why Young Living Essential Oils are my only choice

by | Jun 8, 2020 | Emotional Pillar

You’ve heard about essential oils, but they’re all the same, right? Nope! Come hear how I decided on Young Living as the only company I trust.


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why I chose Young Living
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Hello, hello.

I’ve had a couple of questions on why I chose Young Living to be in my toolbox of items to help, not only personally, but also for my patients.

To really understand why I chose this one particular company, you’ve got to go back in time with me almost 20 years when I was faced with a really big health crisis with my second child. And it found us in the oncology department. We were being told just a lot of scary stories about what medically this child was going to experience for the rest of her life.

I can remember looking at the oncologist and saying, just tell me one thing I can do to make this better for her. I just need one thing. And I’ll never forget, he just patted me on my knee and he said, there’s nothing you can do. This is genetic. I’m just here to prepare you.

And that – you don’t tell me. No. You don’t tell me your child’s life sucks and just get over it and deal with it. I left that place with a fire and I decided that if she was going to have to have four transfusions in a year. I needed to make her blood strong. I needed to know everything about the blood– where it was made, who made it, who had a part in it, who even thought about it and that human body. And I just mapped it all out.

Purity in the Process

And then, in the process of doing that, I knew I had to support her nutritionally.

So, I dug deep into all of the nutritional companies that were out there. And what I found was that most of them were coming from one or two factories. And I knew factories weren’t going to heal my child.

I had to find farms. And I came across Standard Process. And Standard Process is this amazing farm that’s up in Wisconsin that you still can go visit. You can meet the owner. You can meet the farmers that are working the land. You can see how they are picking and processing and bottling every step of the way.

But the thing that really touched my heart about Standard Process was how they took care of their employees. And I’ll never forget the owner of the company looking at me and saying, if they’re happy, my product’s happy. And if I have a happy product, I have a healthier individual. And they just were amazing and all of how they thought about the human body, all of how they thought about the plants, and all of how they’d put them together.

And that gave me back my child’s health.

The Power of Healing

From helping her heal, I developed these four pillars. I started applying them to my patients, and they started to get better. The one that just – oh, it got me – was the emotional pillar. It was a hard one. We would get it, but it would take months or even years to establish a better pattern. And along came my third child, and we were having a wicked hard time with her in sleep, in processing, and I needed a better tool for her. That’s when I got introduced to essential oils to help her sleep. And it was miraculous, and it was life-changing, and it happened almost instantly.

I was like, OK, what is this? I need to know more about this. And I kind of even joked about like “what voodoo is this because I don’t do that?” (Totally do.)

What I found was that these essential oils have been around forever. And what they do when they get into the body is they help the brain scrub. They help the body to work better. They help give the body, just like herbs do, adaptogens. What you need to heal. They help the immune system because every bottle is a plant that has grown differently with a season. It has a different constituent to it. So it’s going to be different in the body every single time. And that’s why it’s a powerful immune stimulant. That’s why it’s a powerful brain – it helps us to reconfigure our emotions.

Discovering the Solution

What I found when I started incorporating the essential oils in my practice is that emotional states would change almost instantly in days and weeks as opposed to months and years. And so I knew I really had to dig in further. And there are a lot of companies, so what did I do? I fell back to what I knew. Who had farms? Whose farms could I go see? Whose owners could I shake hands with? Who could I plant with and bottle with and take home from? Who was actually taking care of their employees? And I found one company, and that was Young Living.

And I really dove in hard for the last six years and have incorporated a lot of their products alongside my Standard Process, alongside my four pillars of health. And what I have found is, combined, we see people get better so, so fast. And so that’s why I chose that company. Talk to you guys soon.

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